2014 "Legacy of Peace" Peacemaker Conference

We have just opened the virtual conference which offers sessions that happened at the 2014 Peacemaker Conference in Colorado Springs in September. You can view them at your convenience and make them part of your resource library.

Available for purchase for $199 and includes all audio clips, handouts and videos of the keynote sessions

Resolving Everyday Conflict (Full Course)

Preview First Lesson
Resolving Everyday Conflict
Conflict Management for Leaders
The Leadership Opportunity (Full Course)

Preview First Lesson
Conflict Coaching Self-Study
Mediation Self-Study
Certification Homework
Reconciling Church Conflict
online training
Getting to the Heart of Conflict
Dealing with Unforgiveness
Peacemaking with Non-Christians
Questioning and Listening
Hope through Uncovering Interests
Small church

Conflict Resolution Team AC Certification
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Enhancements to PMU and Website
by Doug Odegaard - Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 1:21 PM

In the coming months we will be bringing a fresh face to the main Peacemaker.net site along with enhancing the PMU tools.  During this time things may appear slightly different at times but our goal is to bring many new enhancements and tools to your courses. Stay tuned for announcements on new features.  If you have ideas or feedback please let us know.  We appreciate your continued use and support of PMU!

- The PMU Support Team (Doug Odegaard, Melodie McDermott and Kerri Goss)